Kid-MAN, in the gift-verses.

Altruism is all about selflessly helping others. It is taking actions to help others, even at an immediate cost to ourselves. For example, giving your lunch to someone who is hungry is altruistic because it helps someone who is hungry, but at a cost of being hungry yourself. (this example has been used to almost every google definition about altruism)

see this shirt? Now, that’s what I mean. (mostly this can be an Ad. But on real, #hollywoodtaste has the best chickenrolex)

However, research shows that while altruism may “cost us” in a material sense, it often enriches our lives because giving makes us happier. Therefore being an altruist is often actually a “positive sum game” where both parties benefit.

For your information my well informed reader, that’s an insight on how helping others should be considered.

It's a full time Job.

I’ll reiterate, true altruism is not finding ways to obtain more things for yourself so that you can spread and give away more things, to satisfy your ego/pride/desires of being a charitable person.

True altruism is simple being able to share with the needy all you have, without having a second thought about the abundance or lack of it (money, clothes, food, medicine, anything) in your own house.


If you have an account with, you’ll comment what comes to your mind 1st when you see this LOGO.

4KIDS is an initiative with ideologies of not only helping Kids with basic requirements but to help kids find purpose in life. I believe life is about a lot of thing. Some Kids go through tough times, others go through joyous moments.

It’s okay not to be OKAY

At some point we had to “agree to disagree” with my partner, I never wanted to ask for help/support not because I have a hella lot of money to spoil KIDS. In fact last time I checked, I’ve been called arrogant, and to be honest I really feel like I’ve earned that title.

It’s only because I WANT to do this, and by the way…..

google shouldn’t be determining the meaning of things but there’s a lot knowledge over there.

I wanted to do this independently, not in a way of doing it all by myself. I want to go through the pain influenced by the love for Kids.

Besides, we agreed on 13th February,2021 to spread love to Kids. We’re shall buy #Gifts4Kids and give kids on the streets gifts with intentions of LOVE.

My love for Kids will be manifested in the acts of kindness the initiative will provide to ALL KIDs in general. The rich, middle-class, poor and those lost in the “milkyway”

fingers crossed 4kids

Not all heroes wear capes. But all heroes will occasionally bring gifts to Kids.



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